Where champions are made....

Falcons Maroon & White Team both make championship game
and leave as Co-Champions in the 1st Annual Smoky Mountain Shootout.
Maroon team went 4-0 and White team  went 4-1
   Our players will be taught the proper fundamentals and techniques of their respective position(s) to succeed at a high level. To us, it is not about wins and losses it is about the overall personal development of every single athlete on our team, we coach equally from the least to the greatest. As we always say “our #1 goal each year is to best prepare each player for the next level (high school)”. Our past history tells just that, as we have MANY former players shining on Friday nights and some now even in college! We have had former players recruited by some of the top colleges in all of the Country (Tennessee, Alabama, Notre Dame, Stanford, etc).
Falcons just finished going 5-0 in Kentucky at 7 v 7

   Game day is not where you improve as a player, it is on the practice field. We take practice very serious as we have a VERY detailed practice plan each day so there is NO wasted time and we make sure we achieve our daily practice goals. We teach more than just football.  We constantly preach academics, high character, and respect  to our players! We want these young men to grow into great husbands, fathers and community leaders.

   We will play in some VERY competitive games; NO other program in our area plays the daunting schedule that we play! We have traveled the Southeast playing some of the finest programs through the years this is just one of the many ways that helps prepare our players for the next level!

   Lastly, we hope you will share our website with others and even possibly potential players who may be going into the 7th and 8th Grades (Middle School). You are always welcome at our practices and/or games.

Coach Josh